Thursday, 28 November 2019

Chief Rabbi, we need a better way to fight antisemitism than attacking Labour

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What is the clear and present danger presented by the Labour party to Jews? Perhaps you can give me a rough idea of what I should expect, so I know whether to be ready to pack my bags when the election results come through.

Will kosher meat be outlawed? Will circumcision be banned? Will I be forced out of my job and my children thrown out of university? Will I be attacked on the street by gangs of roaming Corbynistas? Will synagogues be burnt down and Jews rounded up?

I’m not being flippant here. I genuinely want to understand the nature and severity of the threat which has created the “anxiety” you say is “gripping” most of my fellow Jews. If I can’t grasp what you mean, how can I make an informed and proportionate response?
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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

As a British Jew I'm not fearful of a Corbyn government but I'm horrified at how antisemitism is being used against him

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With a General Election campaign now in full swing, Labour candidates and Labour activists, and indeed Labour voters, are being told they are actively promoting antisemitism or at least ignoring the concerns of the Jewish community in Britain. It’s no longer just Corbyn that’s being vilified. It’s half the country. Meanwhile, Jewish families have become fearful under entirely false pretenses. This is not good Jewish leadership. This is a dangerous failure of leadership.