Tuesday, 14 May 2019

#DareToDreamOfFreedom and don’t watch Eurovision

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The broadcasting companies have refused to heed the call. The contestants from 42 countries have ignored the petitions. Madonna is flying in. Millions around the world have been made aware for the first time that all is not well in the Holy Land if you’re a Palestinian. But despite the global campaign, the final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s largest live music event, is going ahead in Tel Aviv this Saturday (18 May).
So now it’s down to ordinary TV viewers to show our disapproval and solidarity by making sure there’s a big dent in the show’s normal global audience figures of 189 million.
Despite what some have said, opposition to Eurovision 2019 is not about ‘antisemitism’ or ‘hating’ Israel or ‘destroying’ the only Jewish State in the world. Boycotting Eurovision is about singing a different kind of love song. A love song that does precisely what this year’s competition slogan encourages us to do: ‘Dare to Dream’. Not the glitzy dream of sparkly costumes and on-stage pyrotechnics but a dream of freedom and safety for all who call the Holy Land home.

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Thursday, 9 May 2019

How Jonathan Sacks dumbs-down Jewish history to defend Zionism

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An extract:

Aside from being unbelievably simplistic and devoid of context, Sacks pretends to be talking history and religion while in fact he’s being deeply political. Imagine you are a Palestinian watching this video. Or maybe you are a Palestinian and have unfortunately stumbled across it. According to Sacks’ rhetorical construction of events, despite your home being destroyed, your farmland confiscated and your family sent into exile, the only possible reason for your objection to Zionism must be antisemitism.

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