Friday, 16 September 2016

Settlement Boycotts – calling time on the hypocrisy of our Jewish leadership

My new post is just published at Writing from the Edge @Patheos. It's a hard hitting critique of our Jewish Leadership's position on West Bank Settlements.

Here's an extract:

No comment required
By hiding behind a non-existent ‘peace process’, no judgement need be passed on how land is acquired to build new Settlements or to expand existing ones.
No comment is required concerning the control of Palestinian water resources and their diversion to the Settlements.
No protest needs to be made when Palestinian homes are demolished to make way for Jewish homes.
No concern is necessary when Palestinian farmers are forced to give up the fight to sustain their businesses or when their crops are destroyed by rampaging settlers bent on intimidation. As for freedom of movement, a discriminatory judicial process and the complete absence of any democratic say for Palestinians in Area C (60% of the West Bank), none of this warrants a spec of criticism.
No responsibility. No comment. No morality.

Read the full post here.