Sunday, 26 January 2014

Anne Frank revisited for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014

This week sees Holocaust Memorial Day in the United Kingdom (Monday 27 January).

I thought I would re-send a link to a post written two years ago which remains the most read article on Micah's Paradigm Shift.

A Letter to Anne Frank

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Talkin' Jewish Self-determination Blues - By God

After watching with growing impatience from the sidelines, God has finally decided to enter the Israel/Palestine fray. His intervention has taken the form of a Talkin' Blues lyric dictated exclusively to Micah's Paradigm Shift with additional commentary from Micah himself.

God would like to thank Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, the Psalmists and the Hebrew Prophets in recognition that inspiration cuts both ways.

Talkin' Jewish Self-determination Blues

God looked up
And God looked down
And God surveyed the scene

He rose majestic from His mighty throne
And told the angels to pass the golden phone
He punched the numbers: one, nine, four, eight
Because things had reached a sorry state

The Almighty had not slept well
And now he had something to tell

Is anybody going to take this call
Or have you all gone down to the shopping mall?
I'm slow to anger, I don't want to sound mean
So I'll leave this message on your answer machine

I will not break the covenant we share
But it sure looks tattered and needs repair
I know we've got this special thing going
But I've seen just what you folks are sowing

And then He laid it on the line
The very thing that was bothering Him

I woke up this morning and here's the news
I've got the Jewish self-determination blues
Did you really expect me to have to choose
When I saw somebody else would have to lose?

Are you telling me you're incomplete
Without a nation state beneath your feet?
Have you normalised the Jewish condition
Are you in a more secure position?

Of course He knows His history too
Compassion is His thing

I know your suffering, I've felt your pain
But if you stay the victim forever, you'll go insane
I wept when I saw your children burn
But we can choose the lessons we learn

Who wants borders and bad relations
When you can be a light unto the nations
Your Hebrew prophets made that pitch
Now which one of you has thrown the switch?

You know He's merciful and gracious too
I thought you'd be glad to hear that

You call it a dispute, a conflict, a battle
To make people feel it's too hard to tackle
But two armies are not what I see
This is a cruel mismatch that cannot be

You say two states could be just fine
"You have yours and I'll have mine"
But I've looked at what you say you'll share
That's one strange definition of fair

Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly
You can't say He doesn't keep it simple

I'm cosmopolitan but I'm not rootless
From up here your nationalism looks fruitless 
From the hills of Zion I had more in mind 
Your works have left what's best behind

This place could be a homeland of course
But what's gone on here requires remorse
My covenant became expanded
When the Christians and the Muslims landed

Remember this is God, the light of the world
He doesn't do self-hating

And in the corridors of power
There's no justice about to flower
A peace process without end
Will never help to heal or mend

You say BDS is an unholy mess
With echoes of the Shoah no less 
You say it will criminalise and demonise
I say it will open up some global eyes

He rescued us from slavery
I think he knows what justice looks like

I grow weary, I grow tired
Of a covenant so mired
You and I have disagreed before
And no doubt there'll be more in store

So Hear O Israel, it's not too late
To look at your doorpost and upon your gate 
I am the Lord Almighty, the King of Kings
Call me when you want to talk about these things

And so the Sovereign of the Universe
The God of Abraham and of Sarah
Abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness 
Clothed in immense power

Hung up the telephone

So that was it, the lecture's over
The aim was just to make you sober
You don't believe in God you say
For heaven's sake call Him anyway

Micah's Paradigm Shift, Copyright January 2014