Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Why Trump’s Jerusalem “reality” is good news for Palestinian solidarity

My latest blog post was published at Patheos on Saturday 9th December.

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Here's an extract:

The response to Trump from the U.K.’s most recognised Jewish leadership, the Board of Deputies and the Chief Rabbi, lacked anything approaching historical honesty, common sense or moral integrity. This is nothing new. But the new Jerusalem “reality” is going to make this kind of hypocrisy exposed to the scrutiny it deserves.
The Board welcomed Trump’s move adopting his same narrative of “reality” but with an added insult of its own. It described those who see Jerusalem differently to the way it does as simply displaying “post truth petulance”.
Just like Trump, the Board displays a shocking lack of awareness that any other perspective might exist or have the slightest validity.
“It is bizarre that this decision should be seen as remarkable,” said the Board’s statement.
But what’s really “remarkable” is how adherence to Zionism has shut down Jewish sensibility to the world around it and skewed understanding of our own history and religious development.

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