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Exodus & Numbers: Who's counting this Passover?

"Indeed" Bibi Mk.4 and the unraveling of the British Jewish consensus

A Jewish encounter with Easter

The turbulent Priest and the arrogant Board - Reflections on the Stephen Sizer affair


A Jewish Advent reflection

How to start that difficult conversation

How the UK's Jewish leadership killed off the two-state solution

Jonah and the Elephant

The things I learnt this summer

Remembering COHEN A. and COHEN H. (Or the short trip from Flanders Fields to the Gaza Strip)

Time to cross the line - A letter to Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner

Standing on one leg for Israel-Palestine

The true meaning of 'Brother's Keeper' 

Micah meets...Marc H. Ellis

A new song for Europe (or the Jewish antidote to the Board of Deputies EU manifesto)

In Every Generation...How Passover locks shut the Jewish Imagination

Why I'm on the side of Bibi's "shameful" "anti-Semites"

Dear Bibi (the letter Cameron should have written to Netanyahu)

Talkin' Jewish Self-determination Blues

Lessons from Mandela's long walk to freedom

Micah meets...Mark Braverman

Simon Schama and the error of Jewish silence

A Letter to the Council of Christians and Jews

When will there be a Jewish Kairos moment for Palestine?

Will Jewish Democracy please phone home

Jewish nationalism, Christian theology and the demise of interfaith dialogue

"Put yourself in their shoes" - taking Obama seriously for Nakba at 65

The Story of Marek Edelman and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Soundtrack to a Paradigm Shift

Update: On the Impossibility of Passover

On the Impossibility of Passover - a Poem

Last of the Purimshpiels!

Israeli elections, Tu B'Shvat and the history of 'righteous trees'

Notes from a road-crossing, border-walking, inter-faithing Jew


Now is the time! A prophetic call to action

Swords, ploughshares and letters to the Israeli ambassador

Does a Christian arts festival have the right to criticise Israel? A Jewish defence of Greenbelt 

Jonah on the couch - inside the mind of the reluctant prophet

A radical rabbi's call for prophetic justice

Searching for a Just Zionism

45 years on...The poverty of the arguments

For Israel and Nakba at 64...Micah meets David Ben-Gurion

Yom Ha Shoah, Ahmadinejad and why we need to break the Holocaust narrative

Occupy the Haggadah! Radical thoughts for Passover

The Colonel and the Rabbis

A Letter to Anne Frank

Maccabees, Miracles and Zionists...and how to get the balance right.

Is it kosher to boycott? (After the UN some FAQs on BDS)

On being a naïve, self-hating, single-issue sympathy tourist (or some notes on the Jewish civil war)

Israel and the crisis of Jewish-Christian dialogue in the UK

Occupied with justice – A visit to the Holy Land

Dorothy in Oz – Micah on the West Bank

Lost Jewish Voices (part two)

Lost Jewish Voices (part one of two posts)

Why Britain's Chief Rabbi got it wrong

Micah meets...Sami Awad

Writing from the edge

On my way home from Israel